Sekhmet, "The Lady of the West" signs her work discreetly with an S.

This self-taught woman performs a winding path, modeled after her signature.
Of an original language training, that comes naturally to her, because of her French-Dutch origins, she continues with landscape studies. Her research for perfection and aesthetic finding no satisfaction, in any of these areas, she chose to engage in photography.
This domain finally brings her the pleasure of the making of the image, but it still lacks the satisfaction of the materialization of her imaginary world.
After many trial, she finally found a way to give life to her fantasy world.
It is in the forests of her childhood, that her Art came to life. Slowly the woods got inhabited with her paintings.
Land Art has always seduced her. It was after she saw an exhibition of Nils Udo in Paris that she got attracted to this field.
This is the natural way of life, the work is born, lives and dies, as we humans do. Only by capturing the work through photography allows to keep a more permanent record of the temporary alteration she introduces into the chosen places. 
The Street Art influence came naturally while she lived in Paris and visited Berlin. It is quite close to Land Art, as Street Art is never going to last in time either. The walls get destroyed or someone else paints over it, it is just another way to express there where nature is absent.
Until now Anamorphosis has always been a guiding principle in her work. 
Anamorphosis always hypnotized her. As in life, sometimes we do not see things, as we do not find ourselves in the right place. It is a kind of hide and seek that we play without realizing it, with the world.
In her Artwork she is no giving herself any limit.
She uses what comes up into her mind to make her imagination become real, in Land Art, it will be limewater to respect Nature, as for Street Art it will be spray cans, or moss or whatever suits to get the wished result 
As an Artist she explores the world and through her work, her aim is to share this view point by showing it, maybe get the viewer to think or to look differently at the world.
This is what she aims to do as long as her life lasts.
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