How do you stand towards the world ?

As a matter of fact anamorphosis are only to be seen from one view point. But how is that view point ?

How is your look ? Do you focus on positive or do you focus on negative ?

My aim in this serie of street art anamorphosis, is to put into perspective how each person decides for him/herself how they see the world.

Street art can be considered as a way to put a view or vibrant expression on walls nobody care about, but it can also be considered as a violation of property or vandalism.

Theirfore I decided to make this serie putting into perspective V words one positive and one negative. Giving the choice to the viewer, how he or she wants to consider the paintings.

This is a way to put us to think of how we stand towards our world. We are the only one to decide how we stand and nobody but ourself can change that.

The only thing I can do, is try to get the viewer to think about what they are looking at and how that look is.

So enjoy or dislike, it’s up to you ;).

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